For Professionals

Expert basement pre-construction advice for designers

Basement Design for Professionals

BasementWorks offers a comprehensive range of services for architects, interior designers and other specialists undertaking basement projects in London.

We are delighted to take on the ‘structural only’ or ‘shell and core’ basement projects, but our ability to assist extends far beyond just structural basement construction.

In the early stages we can offer feasibility advice and guidance on costs and engineering, helping develop a buildable scheme to your designs.

We can deliver architectural services where they are not already available. Further more we have outstanding expertise in achieving challenging planning consents and CTMPs (Construction Traffic Management Plans) for basement conversions and would be very happy to provide advice to other professionals submitting for planning consents or conditions. Please see more on our Planning Service here.

We take care of all CDM 2015 requirements, including those of Principle Designer if required, and provide all construction project management. Our experienced basement designers can help maximise the success of any fit-out designs particularly challenging in basement specifications including drainage plans, cabling ducting, staircases, lightwells etc.