Basement Conversion Packages

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The Easiest Way to Buy A Basement

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose a basement conversion like you would a new car, with all the specifications selected up-front? At BasementWorks you can, with our pre-designed packages.

Our popular basement conversion packages allow you to quickly tailor your basement to the bedroom, media room or living space of your dreams with clear pricing that is fixed for the whole project. From excavation or tanking to interior design and finishing, our packages help you take control of your basement conversion costs and achieve superb results.

Our unique design packages help you create your ideal basement with minimum hassle at an affordable price.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Basement?

Whether you’re considering undertaking a DIY basement conversion or contracting out the whole project, there are a number of key steps, each with their own expenses including materials and labour. Not to mention those most precious commodities when you’re working alone: your time and your stress.

Our packages cover every step, including planning permissions, thoughtful architecture, fully managed excavation and tanking (also known as shell and core) and, of course, the work that everyone can see and appreciate: stunning interior design to suit your tastes and complement the rest of your house.

The final basement conversion price we agree before we start work is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about how much it is to tank a cellar or to install new plumbing and wiring – and the challenges each step may reveal as the work unfolds – it’s all settled. You get a beautiful basement, at a fair and transparent price with no unwanted surprises at the end.

How We Calculate Your Basement Conversion Price

Our experience allows us to accurately cost the excavation, structural and design elements of a project with very little variation. This allows us to calculate the overall cost of your basement project cost based on the size of the space and a number of other required parameters.

After the construction, our design packages are a distillation of our wide experience designing and fitting bespoke interiors. We offer an array of pre-designed options priced to suit all budgets. All products offered are made by well-known manufacturers such as Hans Grohe, Porcelanosa, Dulux™ etc.  We work directly with suppliers to negotiate the very best prices, giving you the best value for money on your package.

A BasementWorks package delivers the highest quality standards at excellent value. Call us on 020 8877 0555 to find out more about our basement conversion design packages.

Fixed Quotations

Our experience allows us to swiftly and reliably fix the conversion cost of your home. We have always fixed the cost of our structural work, something we are very proud of and encourage clients to consider when making their decision. A BasementWorks design package provides the clearest understanding of the cost of converting a basement for our clients.

Joint Contracts Tribunal

All our projects use contracts by the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal). This means that they have been prepared by an independent body and are not skewed to suit our own interests, providing our clients with further peace of mind.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team on 020 8877 0555 or fill in our simple contact form to begin planning your conversion.