Obtaining Planning Permission & Structural Engineering Services

You can relax – we take care of everything

Basement Designers


Planning a basement conversion requires a complicated series of project documentation involving various professionals. But with Basement Works you can relax, because we take care of everything.

Basement Planning Permission

Planning consent, sometimes called planning permission, is usually required for alterations or additions to existing buildings, and the erection of new buildings. Basement planning consent is not required for all types of works, as some works are classed as ‘permitted development’. When you come to BasementWorks, we will ascertain what aspects of your basement, if any, require planning consent and will then work towards obtaining all relevant permissions on your behalf subject to Local Authority approvals.

To discuss obtaining planning permission for your basement project, then do not hesitate to contact a member of the BasementWorks team on 020 8877 0555 or fill out our simple contact form.

Basement Engineering

Structural engineering is a very important aspect of basement conversion design. In order to excavate the basement, underpin the existing walls and support other existing walls above the basement, engineering plans and calculations are required. Our engineers are the most experienced in London and because we understand their engineering design and methodology we can reliably estimate a basement excavation project right at the outset.

Basement Party Wall Awards

Party Wall Awards are usually required for major works to terraced or semi-detached houses and sometimes for detached houses too. Where you are required to arrange a Party Wall Award for the basement work it must be done before work commences. A Party Wall Surveyor is an independent professional who will draw up a condition report detailing the structure and condition of all properties concerned. This will include plans and engineering for the proposed project, and details of any specific clauses or precautions which must be taken during the work.

Your neighbour is entitled to allow your Party Wall Surveyor to act on their behalf, or they may appoint their own Surveyor, a cost that would be passed on to you, as the proposer of the work.

Further Information

BasementWorks is happy to discuss and explain any aspects of the planning involved with your project with you, fill in our easy-to-use contact form or speak to a member of our experienced basement team on 020 8877 0555